Many of you have wondered, and some have have known that I have been immersed in a consumptive construction project for sometime, I basically deconstructed, moved detritus and rebuilt a 50 yr old house almost by myself,
it has been somewhat body and soul destroying, some have written me off in in the process. I am about rejoin the land of the living very shortly; and claim my life back.
Here are some before and after shots for the Basement and Kitchen…not including living/dining/bathrooms/ (the laundry room was especially arduous had to suspend that above the foundation to replace rotten floor joists) or bedrooms or exterior work.

Be patient more photos will be posted soon.

Kitchen here ……

Panorama of the way kitchen life used to be…

The kitchen was always dark the objective was to breed some light into the space.

Deconstruction all walls will eventually go Drop Boxes Removed: The walls and ceiling were stucco/drywall each 2x2ft piece was 30lbs. Note neon tubes in ceiling replaced by skylight.

The old floor was a mess, creaky, and covered with old greeny/brown carpet with rotted rubber underlay, under that was lino which I tried to liberate with a heat gun got half of the lino tiles off the rest would not go so I removed the existing stained and degraded subfloor. They were in 4×8 sheets of half inch pried off with a crowbar then fixed the creaks used a gallon and half of glue with screws and reinstalled new half inch ply all solo.

This shot below shows the removed kitchen living room wall just before the drywall. You have to heat the house during this process to rid humidity so the new drywall will not warp or pop screws. The ceiling in the kitchen and around the skylight was insulted with R-40 no-formaldhyde batts all pot lights were placed beforehand, then the ceiling was poly’ed with 6mm then all the seams were sealed with red-tuck tape to ensure no vapour leaks. Wear a mask,respirator, all dust and insulation is irritating to the bod, insulation is really itchy too so wear gloves.

Note the skylight… lots of light.

Always try to paint before the cabinets are put in…… also before the baseboards are installed which I did not do in the living room or bathrooms.

Cabinets and counters …… the new kitchen almost good to go needs some appliances and fixtures


These are the beginning shots of the old living room. Pre-construct. and during


Here are some before shots note the colour coordination of the bath and dishtowel.

I replaced everything you see tub, counters sink added new cabs and storage closet. Ripped the beautiful shag carpet up removed old tiles to sub floor and re-tiled with a duraceramic. which is warmer on the feet.

During construction of main bathroom almost no insulation on outside wall so replaced all with state of the art r14 rock wool enviro friendly. Still due to all articulate matter in the air wear a respirator.

All plumbing replaced too


This was totally gutted, doors and casings removed, walls removed, hardwood floors redone.


This was the first thing I worked on. Removed all the crap walls floors and found that there was rot in two joists that I had to replace that ran the length of the crawlspace
This was originally a 1964 addition. The crawl space was added on to the foundation with a cement floor.

I had to jack the house up replace the joists and work in a confined space both outside and inside. And I found out about this 2 weeks before a record cold snap.

Here are the before photos.

Below: This kind of gives you and idea of what it looks like toward the end.
I will add more shots of the construction to that point and there was lots. New floor plumbing wiring etc.


Basement in Transition

June 16, 2010

In the basement there are 5 rooms and a hallway — 3 and the hallway are being developed at present

This room below used to be the rec room and like all rec room of the day it once had a pool table in it. All are studded insulated and drywalled.

Basement was dark and cool covered with old panels and veneer on the ceiling the existing pipe leaked. all the fixtures were replaced new plumbing throughout withe state of the art pex, all gate valves.
All new lighting all wall framed and insulated and electrified and wired for cable/internet in two rooms.
All new double glazed windows throughout the house. Wood returns on all windows

All headers insulated at the top of the wall where the ceiling joints meet the sill of the foundation. All headers vapour barriered with 6mm poly and sealed with red tuck tape before dry wall.

Breaker box totally replaced revamped. Basement totally rewired and many additional plugs added for a multi-workspace environment and possible additional bedrooms.

Pre-construction shot above was ultimate yuck job ripping the old indoor outdoor carpet off the floor.

It was contact cemented on some of it was rotted and mouldy from a pipe leak. The rubber did not come off easy so had to use an organic solvent and manually scrap it all off, took ages. All respirator work powdered rubber, etc. then painted the floors.

Had to chip uneven cement off the walls to make way for the new framing ……..2×3’s used 2×4’s better. I must have sorted through a 1000 2×3’s at Rona and Home Depot to find ones that were straight and true.